Is it possible for teens to like themselves?

How do teens discover their self-worth?

So many teenagers struggle with their self worth, negative thoughts, and identity. But a growing number are discovering that they’ve just been handed the wrong lenses.

“I’ve been given some really negative labels that made me doubt myself and feeling low. People would say I’m so bossy, or that I’m too outspoken. I viewed myself and my world through a lens of weakness, constantly feeling like I don’t match up or fit in.” Ashley, 16yrs


This experience is all too common.

We are clear on our weaknesses but rarely know our strengths. We view life through a set of lenses that tell us where we don’t shape up, and it damages our self esteem and worth.


    “But this can change. And it must change.

The MyStrengths Assessment has been designed to help teens discover their best qualities – those things that make them unique and special. Each human has a natural set of talents, skills, relational qualities and ways of thinking that make them beautiful and amazing in their own skin. Yet, many go through life not even knowing.

“When I did the MyStrengths Assessment, it was the first time I saw my good qualities. I suddenly had different language to understand and describe myself. My Lead Strength is what makes me confident and driven; I’ve got a strong sense of Responsibility and Fairness which shows at work and even in my sporting team, and I’ve definitely got the outgoing “Charismatic” strength. These made total sense and gave me new labels, new confidence, a new lens.” Ashley, 16yrs cont.

Now, thousands of teens are discovering their strengths each year, proving that teens CAN like themselves and celebrate who they really are.

  • High Schools are seeing the power of this strength-based approach, taking up the MyStrengths Program with Year 9-10 students;


  • Families are discovering strengths by taking the assessment together;


  • Therapists and coaches are using the MyStrengths Assessment to provide a framework for understanding ourselves and others; 


  • And YOU can discover strengths with those around you by discovering your own Top 5 Strengths at


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Dan Hardie

Dan Hardie

Dan is a counsellor and the founder of MyStrengths

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