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Leading the way in strength-based wellbeing programs for High School, we help student to discover their strengths and adopt a growth mindset.

discover strengths. grow resilience. develop a growth mindset.

4 things every student needs...


Discover strengths.

Most teens know their weaknesses but few know their strengths. MyStrengths builds identity from a positive psychology framework. Students discover their uniqueness & best self.



Hardships will come. Anxiety & despair are not the only options. We train the brain toward a growth mindset seeing each set back as a challenge that we can grow through.


social &
Emotional EQ.

Social & Emotional Learning helps teens establish better relationships and improve understanding of others. Make better decisions and find your best learning.


Foundations for my future.

When students discover their best self, they realise that they have what it takes to make it. We lead them to improve decisions about subjects, career and personal life.

3 big questions teens are facing


Who Am i?

Many teens feel lost, confused and unsure of themselves. Each person is unique & beautiful in their own skin, yet 82% of students have no framework for knowing their own strengths.


do i like myself

Research shows that 75% of teens admit to feelings of depression, anxiety and/or low self esteem. Suicide & self harm is on the rise. It’s a national crisis that is unnecessary and preventable.


will i be ok in my future / career?

66% of 16 year olds report significant stress and angst about their future. There are so many subject choices, career pathways, and pitfalls. A strength-base leads them to higher self awareness, insight & confidence.

"These are not just seminars. Each wellbeing Program is personalised, interactive and effective. And to get follow up reports & graphs in our own school Dashboard - amazing!"

Anne Sukkar
DP, St Ursula's College

our wellbeing programs

myresilience program

Build Resilience
Year 7 - 8
  • 80-110 min session
  • Class-sized groups
  • 4 Things Resilient People Do
  • Negative vs Positive Self Talk
  • Response to bullying
  • Know yourself, grow yourself
  • **Junior Strength Assessment**
  • Beautiful MyCharacter cards
  • Full Reporting Dashboard

mystrengths program

Year 9 - 10
  • 80-110 min session
  • Class-sized groups
  • MyStrengths seminar
  • **MyStrengths Assessment**
  • Career Insights!
  • Beautiful strength pack
  • Parent packs
  • Small group consultation
  • Full Reporting Dashboard

myfuture program

goal setting. build growth mindset
Year 10 - 11
  • 80-110 min session
  • A follow up to MyStrengths
  • Your own Beautiful Journal
  • 6 key areas of goal setting
  • Principle of the Path
  • Building a Growth Mindset
  • Facing hardship
  • Top 5 Strengths Refresher
  • Wellbeing programs

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Cofounder and Strengths Coach

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Cofounder and Strengths Coach

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Strengths Coach

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