Screen Media Pack

If you are passionate about Strengths and want to remind clients or students to continue to “remember their strengths”, then this Screen Media Pack is for you.

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Follow up Lesson Plans

A great way to lead people more deeply in knowing and understanding their Strengths is to use our Follow Up Lessons.

Overcoming anxious thoughts

An info pack – how to share this free course with others 

We’re passionate about positive approaches to mental health, and right now, anxiety and stress are the two biggest factors for teens and families. We have a FREE COURSE for you and the families in your community. The “3-Keys to Overcoming Anxious Thoughts” is a short video series with strategies from positive psychology.

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Short Blurb:
So many of us are struggling with worries and fear during this uncertain time. These anxious thoughts can be overwhelming and cause us to spiral into fear and despondence. With practical steps, our school partner, MyStrengths Australia, have a free 3-part series that bring the 3-Keys to take back control and overcome. 
We recommend this Free Mini-Course, now available at


The adolescent years can be tough… on both teen and parent. 

If you’ve got a teen who is struggling, then the Raising Resilience Course is for you. With strategies around screen time, overcoming anxious thoughts, and improving relationships, you’ll be joining thousands of others to turn the tide on teen wellbeing. 

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Meet Your Trainers

Dan Hardie

A high school teacher for 7 years, Dan has authored 4 books for adolescents and collaborated on many others. He left teaching to nationally lead a charitable organisation which works with children at risk in developing countries. With a further degree in counselling, Dan has committed to a practice of Positive Psychology, specialising in adolescent therapy. He wrote the MyStrengths Assessment, helping thousands of people discover their strengths. He writes for parents & educators at

Jools Hardie

Jools brings a wealth of experience after years as a case worker with the Benevolent Society and the Waverley Action Youth Service. Working in some of the most troubled areas of Sydney, Jools finds a way to connect with young and old alike, bringing care and consistency. She's a talented speaker with many applications and stories that keep the sessions fun and interesting.


Jodene Watling

Jodene is well known in the Sutherland Shire as a speaker, presenter and community leader. With a Masters of Leadership and international experience leading teams and movements, Jodene brings her knowledge, experience and story-telling magic to the education sector.