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Our Training Courses are the fastest way to bring a strengths-approach to your work, therapy, group or school.

Keynote *brand new for 2022

Unpacking the key issues in teen Mental health

Staff want basic training in adolescent mental health. In this Presentation, Teen Counsellor & MyStrengths Founder, Dan Hardie will train your staff in understanding the key issues facing teenagers today. This is a 90min Keynote Presentation for any team working with teens.


WHO IS THIS FOR? High School staff incl teachers, counsellors, SSO’s. 

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face or Live Zoom. At your venue or online.

DURATION: 90mins

COST: $490 (+gst) whole session


Strengths coach certification

Learn how to bring a strengths approach to your workplace, school, therapy or church with the “Strengths Coach” course. From a positive psychology framework, we train in how to use the MyStrengths Assessment to enhance your work with individuals and groups. The course will give you the knowledge and skills to assess a person or group strengths. 


WHO IS THIS FOR? Social workers; Therapists; School welfare teams; Church leaders; Life Coaches and more.

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face. At your venue or MyStrengths Training Rooms, Sutherland NSW


COST: $289pp (+gst)


Strengths for All Staff (NESA) 3hrs

The Strengths for Staff Course boosts staff morale, self-awareness, connectedness and understanding by leading your whole staff cohort to discover their Top 5 Strengths. A fun and uplifting session that helps you see the diversity of each team member and discuss in faculty groups the unique contribution of each person. 

(This course meets the “NESA criteria for Elective PD” while NESA finalises it’s new systems and criteria for endorsement)


WHO IS THIS FOR?  Whole school staff teams; business teams; executive groups.

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face. At your venue or MyStrengths Training Rooms, Sutherland NSW


COST: $47pp (+gst)



The MyStrengths for WELFARE TEAMS course trains you and your team in how to profile your own student strengths using the MyStrengths Assessment. The course leads your team through the “Strengths for All Staff” (Course 2), then equips you with strategies for implementing a strengths-approach across the stages. You receive a full suite of resources, programs and the MyStrengths Dashboard that help students grow their strengths and adopt a growth mindset.

(NESA Elective PD Proficient Teacher PL). 


WHO IS THIS FOR?  **Great for Regional Schools (but not exclusive to); Year Advisors; Pastoral/Well-being teams; Career Advisors.

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face. Request a group training at your school

DURATION: 6hr PD (NESA Elective PD)

COST: $289pp (+gst)


Maximising your Strength Insights

The “Maximise” Course is a follow up course designed for those who are already using MyStrengths with their work, group or school, and want to turn the well-being insights into wellbeing strategies and growth tools. The MyStrengths Dashboard has an array of powerful and insightful tools to maximise the impact you can have with your group. 


WHO IS THIS FOR?  Teams who are using the MyStrengths Platform

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face. At your venue or MyStrengths Training Rooms, Sutherland NSW

DURATION: 90mins 

COST: $690 per team (+gst) *special rate


Meet Your Trainers


Dan Hardie

A high school teacher for 7 years, Dan has authored 4 books for adolescents and collaborated on many others. He left teaching to nationally lead a charitable organisation which works with children at risk in developing countries. With a further degree in counselling, Dan has committed to a practice of Positive Psychology, specialising in adolescent therapy. He wrote the MyStrengths Assessment, helping thousands of people discover their strengths. He writes for parents & educators at

Jools Hardie

Jools brings a wealth of experience after years as a case worker with the Benevolent Society and the Waverley Action Youth Service. Working in some of the most troubled areas of Sydney, Jools finds a way to connect with young and old alike, bringing care and consistency. She's a talented speaker with many applications and stories that keep the sessions fun and interesting.


Jodene Watling

Jodene is well known in the Sutherland Shire as a speaker, presenter and community leader. With a Masters of Leadership and international experience leading teams and movements, Jodene brings her knowledge, experience and story-telling magic to the education sector.