Use MyStrengths in your work & teams


The fastest way to upskill in teen mental health and strength-based approaches in your work or school.



Strength-Facilitator Training, for Welfare Teams.

15th September, 2022

Become the strengths-expert in your school with our full-day training course. Gain the practical skills and resources to assess student strengths as individuals and groups. 



Strength-Facilitator Training, for SSO’S.

6th October, 2022

Become the strengths-expert in your school with our full-day training course. Gain the practical skills and resources to assess student strengths as individuals and groups. 


WHO IS THIS FOR? High School staff incl teachers, counsellors, SSO’s. 

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face at our Sutherland Training Rooms

DURATION: 6.5hrs

COST: $490 (+gst) per participant


Strengths-Facilitator Training

Invite MyStrengths to train your well-being team.

The Strengths-Facilitator Training course will equip you with practical, evidence-based tools that you can apply instantly in your school or workplace. From a positive psychology framework, we train in how to use the MyStrengths Assessment to enhance your work with individuals and groups. 


WHO IS THIS FOR? SSO’s; School welfare teams; Social workers; Therapists; Life Coaches and more.

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face. At your venue.

DURATION: 6.5hrs

COST: $490pp (+gst)


Strengths for All Staff (NESA) 3hrs

Boost staff morale and train in an evidence-based strengths approach.

The MyStrengths Team will lead a Professional Development that is guaranteed to boost staff morale, self-awareness, connectedness and understanding by leading your whole staff cohort to discover their Top 5 Strengths. An insightful & uplifting session that helps you see the diversity of each team member and discuss in faculty groups the unique contribution of each person. 


WHO IS THIS FOR?  Whole school staff teams; business teams; executive groups.

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face. At your venue or MyStrengths Training Rooms


COST: $57pp (+gst)



A FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION for schools or organisations who have led participants through MyStrengths, and want to turn the insights into well-being strategies that work. Your own school manager will help you unpack your own strength & well-being data, analyse key trends, and inform strategy.


WHO IS THIS FOR?  Year Advisors & Welfare Teams.

DELIVERY: Face-to-Face – Zoom is also available.

DURATION: 75mins

COST: $490 (+gst) flat rate.


REGIONAL SCHOOLS - invite MyStrengths

MyStrengths has a passion to serve regional schools with strength finder workshops for both students & staff. We offer a tailored experience that can include: 

(1) STRENGTHS-FACILITATOR TRAINING (for staff) – Training for your SSO, Well-being team and Year Advisors in how to become the strengths-expert in your school. Each will gain skills and resources in how to assess student strengths; build a strength-based well-being strategy; and use insights to enhance student engagement. 

(2) STUDENT STRENGTH FINDER WORKSHOPS – We lead students to discover their Top 5 strengths. It bring self-assurance, positive identity & hope for a future that matches their personality. 

(3) PARENT SEMINARS – Our strength-based parent seminars include, 4 Ways to Build Resilience; Resolving family conflict; Taking a walk in Jurassic Park and more. 

WHO IS THIS FOR? Schools outside the Sydney region

DELIVERY: Invite MyStrengths to bring PD and workshops on your campus

DURATION: Variable – depending on your needs.

COST: Better than you think. Contact us.


Meet The Trainers


Dan Hardie

A teacher for 7 years, Dan has authored 4 books for adolescents and collaborated on many others. He left teaching to lead a charitable organisation which works with children at risk in developing countries. With a further degree in counselling, Dan has committed to a practice of Positive Psychology, specialising in adolescent therapy. He wrote the MyStrengths Assessment, helping thousands of people discover their strengths.

Jools Hardie

Jools brings a wealth of experience after years as a case worker with the Benevolent Society and the Waverley Action Youth Service. Working in some of the most troubled areas of Sydney, Jools finds a way to connect with young and old alike, bringing care and consistency. She's a talented speaker with many applications and stories that keep the sessions fun and interesting.

Ebony Basher

Ebony Basher

Ebony is one of the best communicators going around. She blends humour, purpose and passion into every presentation, and disarms even the toughest audience. With a background in teaching and a drive for equality, Ebony has a way of seeing the beauty in every different personality. She brings her knowledge, experience and story-telling magic to your staff room.