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MyStrengths Assessment

The MyStrengths Assessment is a leading strength-finder survey that explains your top 5 personality strengths! Know who you are in just 6-10 minutes. 

Most people know their weaknesses.

But how many know their strengths?


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"My Top 5 Strengths are Lead; Winner; Responsibility; Practical and Purpose. That explains so much about my drive, passion and determination. I feel so affirmed!"

Jo Bottas


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The MyStrengths Assessment is used by counsellors, schools and businesses to help people discover their Top 5 strengths. It has a solid psychological foundation, but adopts language and categories that are easy for most young people. It’s clear descriptions and practical application make this a powerful character-survey. 

No, you can take the assessment instantly with Discover Now. Just a quick $10 purchase and you’re away. However, results are not saved for later viewing unless you set up a free account. 

The MyStrengths Dashboard is a full reporting hub that will save all your member data in one safe and secure place. Here you can view each person and their top 5 strengths; read full descriptions, examples and application for each strength trait; view graphs and trends for your group; and even have group members take a short wellbeing survey that gives you insight into how they are tracking. **The Dashboard is incredibly useful for schools, businesses and groups.

Yes! The MyStrengths Assessment is being used by therapists, schools, business teams and coaches in multiple applications. You can set up an account and start helping people discover their Top 5 strengths OR attend one of our training courses to learn how to best use the tools and insights to enhance your work with people. Enquire here for our next course

The MyStrengths Assessment take about 10 minutes. It asks you to rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 for the series of statements that measure different aspects of personality. Read and respond quickly! Don’t think too long about it. Your most natural strengths are found when you respond with a gut instinct. 

The MyStrengths Assessment identifies 35 key personality traits. These are explored in 5 zones of personality:

1. How I think

2. How I relate

3. How I influence

4. Ways I work/live

5. What motivates me.

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Our Facebook Group and The MyStrengths Hub are the places to explore strengths more deeply. You’ll find user guides, help articles, deeper discussion on various strengths, parent & educator help, info on all 35 strengths and more. 

Simply “Get access code” in the to menu, choose the “myself” option, and the one-click check out for just $10 will give you instant access. 

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